Artist in Residencies
Factories and corporations sponsor an in house artist to do their work. The artist is provided with a studio and all the necessary materials, tools, supplies to develop their art. The artist is paid a monthly stipend and has a budget for an opening reception, photography, promotion and additional supplies. The responsibility of the artist is to make art, develop a product, a body of work or just provide a unique perspective to the factory or office. Placing a divergent thinker like an artist into in the factory or office place will spark new energy and innovation. The art made by the resident artist is then shown in the factory or office gallery space created by Waste is Resource.

Tire sculpture
Tyrome Tripoli
Recology Artist in Residency Program 2001
San Francisco Refuse and Recycle Sculpture Garden

Participating artists are provided with a fully equipped studio including metal working tools, wood working and glass slumping. In addition the artist is paid a hefty monthly stipend and has free rein of the 40,000 tons of refuses that passes through the sorting facility everyday. The main responsibilities of the artist is to make art and give talks to the many tour groups that pass through the center.