The seller is a factory owner who wants to turn their scrap profit. The factory can make more money from their scrap as parts or product than what they receive recycling the material. These pieces are discards and are normally thrown into the recycle bin but to reuse these materials, "as is", is much more efficient and profitable.

In our case study Die-matic, a sheet metal forming factory, has hundreds of interesting sheet metal drop outs that result from mass production. These pieces are complicated little shapes that took many steps to make. In all actuality, these scraps are expensive.. As a result the buyer can buy expensive parts for way less. So the buyer saves money and the seller makes money and the environment gets a break; a real win win win.

As this website becomes more functional the seller will be able to sell their drop outs through this website to designers, builders and artists.
The pieces will be cataloged and sorted for easy finding.